Direct Knowing God

Read: Job 42: 1-6

Only from the word I heard about you, but now my eye sees you. (Job 42: 5)

Reading the Bible in a Year:
2 Thessalonians 1-3

Direct Knowing God - Today many people use social networking on the internet to look for acquaintances, acquaintances both old and new acquaintances. Through information, photographs, and interaction in the virtual world, we can feel each other. However, do we really know or just know about it?

Job confessed that he was new to God after passing the exams were very heavy and expensive. Imagine if all our wealth gone, all of our children died, the body exposed to severe skin diseases and disgusting, and our wives scolded, "Still bertekunkah thee in righteousness? Curse God, and die! "(Job. 2: 9). But what Job did? Initially he was silent, but he began to realize his sin, repent, and believe in God in the midst of his suffering (vv. 4-6). Job learn to know God.

There are at least two ways to know God: first, reading and studying the Word of God. Second, the way that God did to Job, through suffering and exams. The second way is more often makes us really apply the truth of God's word that we have read and "force" us to rely fully on God. If we look at the Bible, the same way happens to prophets, apostles and disciples of the Lord at all times. When suffering or trial comes, Job learned to know God through the suffering he experienced; how we as believers? -PR
Sometimes God allows suffering to come so that we depend on Him and know Him personally.

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